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Edmonton, Alberta

We are open during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Alberta courts are now open to regular matters,
mostly by desk and video application.
We can help you navigate these new court processes.

We offer a number of alternatives to court, including,
Mediation, Collaborative Law and
representation at Arbitration.

If you are self-isolating or practicing social distancing,
we offer legal help and advice through
telephone, video calls  and e-mail consultations.
No need to wait, contact us for help today.


We practice in many areas of law to give you a full service experience in one place. Our lawyers can help with nearly any business issue or family feud. Whatever your legal needs, we've got you covered.

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With over 60 years combined experience, our lawyers and staff make sure you are comfortable and confident with who is representing you. Find a lawyer.

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Call us at 780-428-1593 or send an e-mail to get more information or to book an appointment with a lawyer.

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Conveniently located in West Edmonton at #103, 17704 - 103 Avenue
(Easy Access & Free Parking!)

What do you need help with?


Let a highly trained and neutral professional help you resolve your legal dispute without the stress, conflict and expense of court

Real Estate

Buying and Selling, Residential & Commercial, Mortgages, Refinancing, Securing Rights

Family Law

Divorce & Separation
Parenting, Child Support,
Spousal Support, Family Property,
Collaborative Family Law
Settlement Solutions

Business & Corporations

Business Start-up, Corporate Structure & Planning, Buying & Selling a Business,
Business Agreements & Contracts

Wills & Estates

Planning ahead for health issues, Wills, Court Probate, Family Inheritance Disputes,
Dying Without a Will

Civil Litigation

Disputes over Money, Enforcing Contracts, Service Agreements, Corporate & Commercial Law Suits, Dispute Resolution, Debt Collection

Better Divorces

The nature of divorces and separations has evolved over the decades. There are now many options as to how you can deal with a break-up with less conflict and less stress.

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As part of keeping up with the law, we do a lot of research. Sometimes we like to comment on these developments and share our knowledge with the public.

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We care about our clients and are committed to excellent work. Trust is vital to the lawyer-client relationship. The Kinetic Law team focuses on strong bonds and meeting goals.


Whether it's giving our best advice, dealing with a complex court matter or negotiating the right deal, our team has the knowledge and experience to get you to through to the end.


Your unique legal needs don't always fit in the same box as everyone else, and we don't assume one route is best for everyone. We focus on you: your needs, your goals.


Kinetic Law focuses on what's best for you, not what's most profitable for us. Our competitive rates and focus on solutions help to save you time and money.

How We Got Started

New office, new name, but our lawyers have been part of the community for decades.

What to Expect

When you call for an appointment with a family or business lawyer, you will be booked for a consultation or "consult". You will spend at least an hour one-on-one with a lawyer who specializes in the area of law you need help with. In addition to giving you advice, the lawyer will tell you about the basic law and how it might apply to you. This might include Dos and Dont's, pointing out any important deadlines, and giving you a range of options in how to deal with your legal matter. Generally, at the end of your consult, you should have a good idea of your next steps. If you feel that the lawyer and our firm are a good fit, we can represent you moving forward.

The Emotional Part of Legal Issues

We understand that while things may look black and white on paper, real life is complicated. The stress of a law suit, divorce or death of a family member affects your daily life. Getting legal advice is a must, but it can be equally important to address the interests underneath. We want to reduce conflict, limit stress and help carry the load. We approach our clients as real people, with understanding and compassion. You can be open and honest not just about your legal issues, but the struggles around them. Getting to know you, who you are and where you're coming from helps us come to the best possible solutions.

Constantly Building Legal Knowledge

The Kinetic Law lawyers and staff have years of experience inside and outside the court room. Much of what we do requires in depth knowledge of the law. The thing is, the law is always evolving. Every year new laws pass and judges try new cases. As active members of the legal community, part of what we do is take part in legislative and case law review.  For instance, our family lawyers were part of the research behind the new Family Property Act passed in 2018. In addition, we are always reading about these events in all areas of law. We share our thoughts on some of these interesting cases and important changes in our law blog. There always seems to be another topic added to the list of things to write about.

Community Involvement

It is our belief that lawyers have a responsibility to serve the public. This can be done in many ways. We volunteer our knowledge and commit our time to specific causes, so that we are involved in many levels of Edmonton's community. What's more, we work with other lawyers, judges and researchers in making the law and the legal system better. We serve and support local businesses, charities and individuals. We volunteer for the Edmonton Food Bank. We are members of churches and softball teams. We love nature. We support human rights. We focus on the well being of children.

We do: Real Estate, Drafting, Mediation, Litigation, Residential & Commercial Purchase, Sale and Leasing, Mortgage, Interim Financing, Refinancing, Trusts, Transfers, Tenancy, Dower Rights, Family Law, Separation and Divorce, Divorce Agreements, Mediation, Collaborative Family Law, Settlement, Child Custody, Guardianship, Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Division, Matrimonial Property, Common Law Property, Adult Interdependent Partners, Pensions, Inheritance, Wills, Codicils, Estate Litigation, Intestate, Probate, Estate Administration, Succession, Power of Attorney, Personal Directive, Trusteeship, Capacity issues, Real Property, Corporate Commercial, Incorporation, Shareholder Agreements, Leases, Partnerships, Annual Returns, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Reorganization, Amalgamation, Revival, Employment and Contractor Agreements, Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure, Resolutions, Vendor Agreements, Product Sales, Document Drafting, Document Review, Guarantees, General Security Agreements, Contracts, Enforcement, Employment, Breach of Contract, Lease & Tenancy Disputes, Breach of Duty, Settlement Solutions, and more.

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