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Financial Disclosure and Child Support

After separation, one of the first steps in sorting things out is to exchange financial documents, which is called “financial disclosure”. “To disclose” means to show or share. Financial disclosure helps us calculate child support according to the Child Support Guidelines. Read More... [October 1, 2019]

The Irony of representing yourself: it could cost you more than a lawyer 

A wife's decision to represent herself caused the husband to incur huge legal fees over 17 years. The judge ordered her to pay him $150,000. We believe investing in legal advice now can save you time and money in the long run... Read More...[January 16, 2019]

New Law May Affect You

The passing of the Family Law Statutes Amendment Act on December 11, 2018 means big changes and imposed obligations on common law partners. If you live with another adult, romantic partner or family member, you could have rights and obligations you don't know about... Read More... [December 18, 2018]

Province of the AIPs: the Adult Interdependent Partner

Did you know that there is no such thing as "common law" when talking about Alberta relationships? The correct terminology is Adult Interdependent Partners and if you are one, you need to know your rights and obligations... Read More... [December 17, 2018]

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