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Our lawyers have decades of experience in many areas of law. Legal issues are often connected and we can help as new questions arise. Click a link below for more information on our different practice areas and how we can be of service.

Residential & Commercial, Mortgages,
Refinancing, Securing Rights

Divorce & Separation,
Parenting, Support, Property Division,
Court, Settlement Solutions

Estate Planning,
Will Probate & Intestate Administration,

Business Incorporation, Corporate Structure & Planning, Buying & Selling a Business, Corporate Agreements & Contracts

Enforcing Contracts & Service Agreements, Corporate & Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Debt Collection

Collaborative Family Law,
Business Negotiations,
Settlement Agreements

We do: Mediation, Litigation, Real Estate, Drafting,  Residential & Commercial Purchase, Sale and Leasing, Mortgage, Interim Financing, Refinancing, Trusts, Transfers, Tenancy, Dower Rights, Family Law, Separation and Divorce, Divorce Agreements, Family Mediation, Collaborative Family Law, Settlement, Child Custody, Guardianship, Parents Rights, Grand-parents Rights, Rights of Children, Lawyer for Children, Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Division, Matrimonial Property, Common Law Property, Adult Interdependent Partners, Pensions, Inheritance, Wills, Codicils, Estate Litigation, Intestate, Inheritance, Probate, Estate Administration, Succession, Power of Attorney, Personal Directive, Trusteeship, Capacity issues, Real Property, Corporate Commercial, Incorporation, Shareholder Agreements, Leases, Partnerships, Annual Returns, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Reorganization, Amalgamation, Revival, Employment and Contractor Agreements, Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure, Resolutions, Vendor Agreements, Product Sales, Document Drafting, Document Review, Guarantees, General Security Agreements, Contracts, Enforcement, Employment, Breach of Contract, Lease & Tenancy Disputes, Breach of Duty, Settlement Solutions, and more.

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Kinetic Law is an association of independent practitioners.

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